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Sharknado Party

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I was assigned this weekend to come up with our most original party as of yet…a Sharknado themed party!  Now, this isn’t something that can just be ordered and put together, which is what made the event that more fun and creative.  So if you are ever given this mission, read on and we'll show you decoration tips, food ideas, and even free printables to create a splash at your next party!

Let’s first start with decorations!


What is a Sharknado party without the tornado?  But how to make one was the challenge.  The easiest way we found was to purchase some chicken wire at your local hardware store and some polyfill at a craft store.  The chicken wire can be molded easily in to a cone shape and holds the polyfil in place very nicely.  Once you secure the chicken wire to the shape desired, place the polyfil all around the outside of the chicken wire and form your tornado.  We purchased gummy sharks and placed them all around the tornado for it’s finished look.  There was a chandelier in the middle of the table, so we just used fishing line to hold the tornado in place.



Under the sea canopy:

This is so cute and easy but will take 2 people to put together.  You’ll need a blue plastic tablecloth, assorted sea animal cutouts on light cardstock or construction paper, tape, and a place with lights on the ceiling.  Position the tablecloth to where the lights will be in the middle so it will cast the shadow of the sea animals from above.  Tape one side of the tablecloth, while your buddy holds the other side.  Next, place the animal cutouts where you want them (we used sea turtles, sharks, jellyfish, and stingrays for a variety), and tape the other side up.  Try to have a little droop in the middle of the tablecloth to give it a real underwater feeling.  You could also add the animals before taping the first side, just be careful when lifting it up so they don’t shift everywhere.

We added a fishnet to the other table along with sea glass, buoys, shark drink koozies, and cutouts for a more nautical feel.  Lastly, we found a red carpet backdrop for photos and cut out "Sharknado" for an official movie premier!


We had a blast coming up with a menu that would fit this theme!  First, we used croissants and put pimento cheese in them (you could use whatever filling you’d like of course) and cut them in half.  This made it look like the sharks’ dorsal fin.  Next, we made meatballs with marinara sauce and called it “Shark Chum”.  We then cut cheese slices in half to make it look like shark teeth, as well as having shrimp cocktail, “ocean vodka water” drinks made with blue curacao, “bloody salsa and shark fin chips”, goldfish snacks, and crab dip.  Basically, you could use any seafood and it would go well!


Click here for the printables we made for the food to give it that extra "bite"!

This Sharknado party was so much fun and unique and would also work really well for a regular shark themed party!  Hopefully we were able to provide you some tips you can use to have a "fin"-tastic time at your next gathering!  Feel free to reach out to us at for suggestions or help for your party!  We'd love to hear from you!


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