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About Us




Welcome to décor to door
A decorations in a box kind of store.
Pick your theme and you won’t have to think
About the décor, just add food and drink
When you order our box, you’ll get a fun display,
Set it up and watch what your guests will say.
Get people together and be that great host,
With just a click of a mouse and a package through post.
No more hours on Pinterest or going out to the store,
Just great decorations that are nothing close to a bore.
So order your box now, tomorrow, or this week
And you’ll get that something special for your event that you seek!


Décor to Door is on a mission to turn ordinary get-togethers into something a little more special. We help create a fun atmosphere so you have more time focusing on your family and friends.  We've scoured the globe for decorations that'll wow you and your guests because we’re all busy living our best lives, and don’t have time for guesswork.

That’s how our service came to life. Like you, our founder Linda Soviravong wanted more for her get-togethers, but she didn’t always have the time to make it happen. Between work, getting the house clean, and figuring out what to feed her guests, there wasn't always a chance to add more to make her friends feel extra special.  Now, with complete themed decorations just a click away, entertaining is more exciting, fun, and easier than ever before.  

When you sign up for Décor to Door, you have to the tools you need to take your gatherings to another level. No guessing. No shopping. Just easy, exceptional decorating for any day of the week.